The Spirit Animal

I spent 16 days of July 2016 biking about 1200 miles throughout Utah to visit every LDS Temple in the state during my Utah Pedal Pilgrimage. I was fortunate to have my mom tag along as my support vehicle. I finally ended my journey at the border of Utah and Arizona on July 28, 2016 in 100+ degree weather. I was met by my beautiful mother, who loaded my bike in the car for me while I tried to process what I had just accomplished. After some sweaty moments of grateful reflection, I hopped in the car in a euphoric state of exhaustion.

As we drove back home, my mom handed me something wrapped loosely in an old  bit of newspaper. I opened it to find a beautiful ceramic sculpture of a wolf. Along our journey my mom had come across a kind Native American woman selling various sculptures of her own design. As my mom perused the collection, she saw the wolf and thought of me. She asked the woman about it and learned what the wolf spirit animal represented.

The woman told her that the wolf is characterized as wise, strong, loyal and as a natural leader. Further research into the symbolism behind the wolf spirit animal has informed me that they are also known to be intelligent and great communicators. I am comfortable and confident working in a pack, but also can thrive as a lone wolf. I know it may seem weird for someone to assess their personality based on totems or spirit animals, but I am honored to be seen as one worthy of the wolf spirit animal, and feel the presence thereof in myself.