Day 13: Preparation Day

After another night of rest we headed up to Provo to do some work, and to just enjoy some time together. We slept in too late, so we missed the free breakfast. We sat in the lobby while mom took care of checking out and I struck up a conversation with a kindly old biker man. I explained the nature of our trip to him after he asked.

“Dang boy, I wouldn’t even want to do all that on my motorcycle!”

Yeah I get it biker man, I’m weird.

We drove up to Provo and got there in time for lunch. Two nights in a motel that smelled like curry got Mom feeling some kinda way about Indian food, so I took Mom and Alia to India Palace, a restaurant in Provo that has an Indian food buffet a lunch time. The loved it.

We took Bagheera (my car) to the Toyota dealership to make sure the breaks were working OK. We noticed they were a bit whiny while at the Manti temple on Saturday. Mom hung out at the dealership while Alia and I went back to Alia’s apartment. I’m not sure why, but I wanted to see as few people as possible while in Provo. The trip wasn’t over yet. I didn’t want any premature congratulations or celebration. Alia’s was a great place to hide out and take another nap. I’m already a person prone to napping, and my body was very eager to take advantage of any rest time available after the 935.14 miles of biking I had put it through.

Turns out the car was fine, thankfully. We regrouped and then I took Alia and Mom up to The Grotto Falls in Payson. It’s a bit of a drive, but beautiful. The hike is short, but fun and rewarding. There were a lot of kids on the trail which was awesome. I love how seriously kids take adventure. For them everything is so new, so big. Every new place feels like anew discovery. They become trailblazers, trekking towards fabled waterfalls, or daredevils, walking across fallen logs to steer clear of the raging creek bed below. They become master of water or of heights as they splash around the base of the falls, or scramble up to the top. Childhood is beautiful. Kids are awesome.

It was awesome to get to just spend some time with Mom and Alia, for the three of us to get to hang out together without thinking too much about the pilgrimage. One thing that has always been a top priority for me is trying my best to be the best brother and the best son I can be. It’s something that has been on my mind a lot during this trip. Today felt like I was doing a good job at those things.

After we had our mini adventure we made our way back to Provo, had some dinner (accidentally running into some friends on the way), and then I slept in my own bed. It felt weird sleeping there, knowing how much more I still had to do.

Daily Stats:

  • Miles Biked: 0

  • Brakes Checked: all of them

  • Brakes in Need of Repair: none of them

  • Shoes Stained by Spilt Curry: 1, my left one

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