Day 3: Draper, Mount Timpanogos, Provo, Provo City Center

My mom and I woke up with the sun at the start of another 4 temple day. We walked out into the Rosquist’s garage to find Parker’s dad in the garage putting the back tire on my bike. Apparently he woke up even earlier to make sure my bike was ready to go. Apparently while we were putting on the fixed tubes, we pinched another couple of holes in them, which he patched before we got out of bed. He also took some time to make sure my tires were trued, or spinning straightly. After we thanked him profusely, he reminded us to say our prayers and went off to work. We followed his sage counsel, appreciated a few moments of sunrise, and made our way off to Draper, the last temple before rounding the point of the mountain.

The ride up to Draper had a pretty decent climb, but a fun downhill as well. At the very least, it wasn’t as gnarly as Bountiful was. The temple is also settled up on the mountainside, with a breath taking view of the valley below. I entered the temple and preformed an endowment ceremony for another ancestor. The interior of the temple was beautiful as well. A motif that can be found throughout the temple is the Sego Lily, Utah’s state flower, and a nod toward the pioneers of old. As the temple workers told me about the history, I was caught up in appreciation for the pioneers. Though I don’t have pioneer ancestry myself, I couldn’t help but hope that this pilgrimage I am on is in a some small way helping me appreciate everything they went through, traveling great distances in hopes of coming closer to God.

Side story: While I was in the temple my mom went on a little hike nearby. While she was hiking she heard screaming and crying. Eventually she finally met up with a couple of mountain bikers, one of whom had broken his arm. She calmed them down, and got them to their friend’s house nearby, where he was then taken tot he hospital. Moral of the story, be careful while biking, and my mom is a hero.

After finishing up in Draper we made our way around the Point of the Mountain to the Mount Timpanogos Temple. This is one of the few temples I had visited before, though it had been a while. I went in and did the rest of the initiatories I had from the names I had prepared for this pilgrimage while my mom took a nap in the park across the street. After, my mom and I went and got some sushi burrito, another favorite of mine around here, before heading out to Provo.

Google maps took me on an unexpected route through empty streets, along Utah Lake, and up the Provo River Trail, a ride I did a lot to train for my pilgrimage. Because I was slightly ahead of schedule, I stopped by my apartment and showered off. I got dressed in my temple clothes, and then biked up to the Provo Temple. Big mistake. The ride is short, but all. up. hill. I got nice and hot on the ride up, before going in and doing some sealings.

After the temple I made a quick trip back to my apartment to shave (I hadn’t shaved for a week) before meeting with ANOTHER journalist. My friend Austin went on a climbing trip to Thailand earlier this summer with a climbing friend who also happened to write for the Daily Herald, a large Utah newspaper. He talked to her, one thing led to another, and I got set up for an interview with another Daily Herald journalist.

I also got to meet with a few friends, the aforementioned Austin, his girlfriend, Hannah, my long-time friend, Garrison, and Ty, a friend from church. When I started telling people about the Utah Pedal Pilgrimage, so many people responded by saying things like “That’s so cool!” or “I wish I could do something like that!” I wanted to provide a way for them to be part of this experience with me so I invited people to come and bike from the Provo Utah Temple to the Provo City Center Temple with me. Austin and Ty came along for the ride, and Garrison came to meet up and say hi. The journalist took pictures of us on our ride.

We all chatted after riding the three miles down the hill for a bit. After the chatting was done, Alia and I entered the Provo City Center Temple… too late. Apparently a day or two earlier, they had changed the cut off time for letting people in to do initiatories to 6:45. We got in at 6:52. Slightly defeated, but excited about entering tomorrow morning, we went home for the day.

Daily Stats:

  • Miles Biked: 51.6

  • Running Total: 202.38

  • Temples Visited: 4

  • Running Total: 11

  • Ordinances Performed: 3 (Endowment, Initiatory, Sealing)

  • Holes Patched: 2 (Before we even started biking!)

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