Market Research

The Challenge


Our advertising research class was approached with the task of gaining a deeper understanding of Skullcandy’s current position in the headphone market. We were also challenged to gain a greater understanding of Skullcandy’s target market of influencers. The desired results of the the research were to find out how Skullcandy can capture the attention of their target market and eventually increase their market share through product development and marketing tactics.

What I Did


I participated in writing, organizing, and distributing a nationwide survey in Qualtrics to collect exclusive primary data for the company. I helped analyze the data with SPSS to sort out responses between different groups along innovators, early adopters, and trend chasers. I also helped curate secondary research from sources like Mintel, Mintel Trends, and analyzed trends in music, fashion, technology, and pop culture. After helping compile all of this research, I was selected to present to Skullcandy’s heads of marketing.

What Happened Next

Our research is currently being used in the creation and launch of an upcoming product from Skullcandy. Due to strict NDA policies, I cannot share the results of our research. However, I feel completely comfortable saying that our research was so good that they came back for more the following semester.